From: Hardboiled_Dick ( hardboiled_dick@yahoo.com)
Date: 17 Apr 2000

I just spent a wonderfully relaxing week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Naturally I hit the books while on the beach. I picked up a copy of John Sandford's "Certain Prey" and Robert Crais' L.A. Requiem.

L.A. Requiem I found to be very good and quite enjoyed getting to know more about Joe Pike and why he is the way he is. I was also heartened to see that Cole and Lucy are on the outs. I tend to like it better when the hardboiled hero is less domestically happy. I have always thought that Robert B. Parker could give the Spenser series a shot in the arm if Spenser didn't have Susan around to engage in psychological reparte.

Certain Prey was a bit of an odd duck. I first got on to the series with
"Winter Prey" and soon read most of the books but found a "sameness" about them that I grew tired of. Certain Prey on the other hand is a bit different. The hero, Lucas Davenport, is lead to the killers more by luck and chance than good police work. This of course makes the whole process quite humorous. You can imagine the carefully hidden trail being followed almost by accident and the killers wondering how the police had followed them.

I would be interested in hearing others opinions about these two books.

R.W. Gough

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