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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 17 Apr 2000

So then any one of these so-called "hard-boiled" authors who didn't live a hard life then isn't really writing "hard-boiled" fiction then ... sorry, but I don't buy it. The writer doesn't matter more than the content. Actually a Black blues writer who lived a hard life would have an easier time writing the blues than anyone who didn't live a hard life ... making their blues require even more effort than the person with first hand experience.

Juri Nummelin wrote:

> You're right, but I'd classify only original black blues as hardboiled, since
> it was born out of violence and attempts to be a man. The white blues has just
> been a little too, well, cozy for me. They play too well to be truly
> incorporated into the bad hardboiled world.

volente Deo,

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