RARA-AVIS: Jim Thompson stinkers

From: John & Carrie ( johncarrie@sprynet.com)
Date: 16 Apr 2000

I think that Jim Thompson has the same place in the hardboiled (or noir) that Philip K. Dick had to scifi. I mean that as a good thing.

But man, could they both write stinkers!

I just finished reading Thompson's Recoil and Wild Town. Both of these things go nowhere in terms of plot or action. Sloppy writing, sheesh... I heaven't seen many examples of other hb writers doing so poorly, but of course, I have to think that Thompson's rep allows for publication of even the bad stuff. So we don't see many examples of bad writing from the paperback people of the fifties.

I got over the bad Jim Thompson stretch by reading Wil Baer's Kiss Me Judas, and all was well again.


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