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Date: 15 Apr 2000


>Welcome! A Novel? Please tell us more.

Thank you, Malone. The book´s title is God has´nt an aliby. The story is located in Manhattan, and the main characters are a tough detective, Wilbur McPerez, and Edna, the woman who does the cleaning of his office. In the first chapter Wilbur is beyond the line of poverty, and has been eating pigeons for weeks. But then a girl misses the consultory of a terapist and enters McPerez´ office, sit down and starts to talk about the many looses she had in her life. The talking is like a psychoanalitical interview, and this guy understands he has a new client and a lot of things to go after, starting with a pony. From then on, you saw it all in the movies (some of the good ones and many of the worst ones), I mean a lot of blood, smoking guns, corruption, a mafia family, etc, starting with McPerez. He is a paranoid, a heavy drinker, very violent, likes to slap women, and fires his Factum 3.57 every time he has a chance to do it. But, standing in the middle of a cosmopolitan city, he likes to act as an observer of the whole world, a particular kind of social critic :) I don´t know if readers will like it, but I had a good time writing it.


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