Re: RARA-AVIS: Hard-boiled music

From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 13 Apr 2000

Doug Bassett wrote:

> You know, this is a pretty obvious point, but the only
> reason any of us associate certain types of music with
> hb is because there's been movies that have used that
> kind of music, or at least music very much like it.

Actually not with the artists I mentioned - Waits's soundtrack music doesn't actually sound like his more personal records and Stan Ridgway has made only one movie piece ("Don't Box Me In", which is less noir than his other efforts).

> There's no reason that somebody couldn't make a tough
> hb film and use as music, oh, classic Black Sabbath
> songs. Maybe it could work -- who knows?

Why not? In old Black Sabbath there is certain noir-like feeling, slow riffs and stuff, even though they sing about, eh, different things.

> I was just thinking about the famous scene in Quentin
> Tarantino's RESERVOIR DOGS that uses Stealer's Wheel's
> "Stuck in the Middle With You", an old folk-rock song
> from the mid-Seventies. After having seen that scene,
> I have not been able to think of that song in any
> other light. Movies are a powerful thing.

I know what you mean. Tarantino has a definitive ear for music in film and he makes marvellous soundtracks. Same goes for Martin Scorsese and our local Aki Kaurismä«©, if any of you has seen his films.


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