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Date: 12 Apr 2000

    I'll put in my two cents about Junkie as a way of telling a vaguely amusing (and I hope not too self-indulgent) story. When I read it, I thought of Junkie as hard-boiled and pulpish. At the same time, while the book moves along, it meanders, is episodic, etc. It lacks the drive that Burroughs describes the Junkie lacking, with junk alone eventually becoming the junkie's motivating and unifying discipline of sorts. The book is also quite reflective--as is some hard-boiled fiction, but not all certainly.

    My amusing story: I stayed up late finishing Junkie and the next morning I had a job interview. It is at a fairly buttoned-down financial institution
(drug tests administered, certainly, in part because of proximity to financial stuff) --though in some regards a loan-sharking outfit (except for the broken bones). I'm sitting at a conference table with about six or seven people throwing questions at me, and suddenly one woman asks "What was the last book you read?" Well, I can't say Junkie, so I fumble for a moment
(which makes me look like a non-reader) and the best lie I come up with is the previous book. "Lady in the Morgue," I say. All but two of the interviewers are women, and everybody smiles politely at my brief description of the book. I didn't get the job. --Third Doug

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