Re: RARA-AVIS: Hunter S. Thompson [long]/NORTH DALLAS FORTY

Date: 11 Apr 2000

Doug -- I really like your definition. Under it, Pete Gent's NORTH DALLAS FORTY
(speaking of HB sports again) would be a prime example of a hard-boiled novel. I think it's a terrific book: Has anyone out there besides me read it?

-- A realistic presentation of the world? Yep, it's the best realistic presentation of the world of professional football -- particularly pro football of the late-'60s/early-'70s.

-- For lack of a better phrase, a "Hemingway-esque" style or derived style? Yep, certainly written with a Hemingway-esque style

-- An interest in the underworld or underside of society? The underside of pro football (drug use, gambling, rape, etc.) is certainly an interest of both the author and his fictional narrator. And it ends with a particularly horrible murder by an obsessed fan.

-- Finally, a focus on an individual and how he/she makes his/her way through this world? The whole novel is about how Phil Elliott survives this horrible world he's in.


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