RARA-AVIS: Using film noir in the classroom

From: ejmd ( ejmd@cwcom.net)
Date: 11 Apr 2000

Rara-avians seeking clarification on this may find that the very knowledgeable people on H-Film, a film list with a heavy North American bias, though there are posters from the UK and elsewhere, may have the answers you need.

FWIW, in the UK, the key phrase from the text of the Copyright and Patents Act (1988) states 'anything done by way of teaching or learning will not infringe copyright', which gives us over here, in my understanding, carte blanche to do pretty much what we like in an educational context.

It sounds really tough in France though (ludicrous, even) ... how do people manage to run courses in film/cinema studies in French colleges and universities? *Film* is central to French culture, for chrissakes!!!


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