Re: RARA-AVIS: recent purchases

Date: 10 Apr 2000

    Chris, it appears that you had a very successful trip to the thrift store. My view of "Eddie Coyle" is that it was a wonderment when it appeared and it changed the way a great many people (including Leonard) used both dialogue and humor. It also set a new standard in linear story telling. I don't think it was Higgins best book, but it certainly broke more new ground than any of his others.
    "Get Shorty" is excellent Elmore, a fine example of his current approach to crime fiction writing, and a wry commentary on what succeeds in the movie business.
    I haven't read Pelham, but would love to do so. The Walter Mathau film which credited the book was a fine tale, a lot of fun, and a fast ride.

                                    Jim Blue

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