RARA-AVIS: Dogfights

From: ejmd ( ejmd@cwcom.net)
Date: 09 Apr 2000

Bill Crider < abc@wt.net> writ:

> As for a
> hardboiled mystery about dogfighting, well, there's a really good one.
> It's ARIZONA KISS by Ray Ring. Read it if you can find a copy.

I bought a h/b copy of this for 50p (less than one of your North American dollars) which I found in the 'withdrawn/for sale' section of the local library a while ago, but I've never got around to reading it
... I think Bill might've just given me the prod I need to dig it out (I picked up a collection of Himes's short stuff last week which I'm also dipping into).


I've dug it out ... the dedication is to 'James M. Cain and, defined by their state of mind, all the Arizonans'. According to the blurb on the back flap, _Arizona Kiss_ 'is soon to be made into a major film'. Well, that was 1991 ... anyone notice the film?

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