Re: RARA-AVIS: Using film noir in the classroom

From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 10 Apr 2000

I doubt most professors know the rules unless they had some direct experience in them and just assume that Fair Use applies to them no matter what. One of my text books this year is a hodge podge of articles and chapters from various books and big and bold on the front cover is a statement that permission from the copyright holder had been obtained for each reprint. Course I can have 20 friends over to my house to watch a video tape and as long as I don't charge them there's no problem.

"a.n.smith" wrote:

> I'm not going to say where, just in case, but film classes at the university
> i work for show films in class all the time. i guess as educational tools,
> the problems of copyright don't apply. I mean, even though students are
> paying for the class time, you aren't charging them to see the movie, right?
> Isn't that considered for any educational based showing?
> Actually, next summer,l I might sit in on the Noir film class here myself.

volente Deo,

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