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Date: 09 Apr 2000

In two interviews ... one on 60 Minutes and the other on CBS Sunday Morning, he hasn't admitted as of last year. I've never considered him very hard-boiled anyway so if his wife writing them and not him, whether women can write hard-boiled or not is still in question. It would also depend on just how much she's writing and how much she's transcribing.

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> From: Kevin Burton Smith
> Sent: Sunday, April 09, 2000 10:52 AM
> Yeah, like he said. Dick Francis. Definitely hard-boiled, especially
> the early stuff, and certainly the Sid Halley books. Too often
> overlooked when it comes to hardboiled writing, too often dismissed
> by people who've never read them, as cozies with horsey settings.
> Sorry, but people get hurt in these books for real.
> And, if the rumours are true, the Francis books are an answer to
> another question that frequently pops up here: "Are there any women
> writing hard-boiled?" If they are true, Francis' wife actually writes
> the books, based on Dick's ideas. I'm not sure, though, if anyone in
> the Francis camp has officially confirmed or denied this. Looks like
> maybe I don't know Dick, after all...

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