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Date: 06 Apr 2000

On 6 April 2000, Doug Bassett wrote:

: By the way, the bulk of the movie is based, I believe, on Hellman's
: memoir PENTIMENTO, which I understand has since been proven to be a
: greatly exaggerated version of the truth.

In the end, I totally forgot the movie was on and missed it. I'll keep an eye peeled for it to come on again but from what people have said it's not one I'll rent. If I want to see Hammett on film I'd probably go for HAMMETT, with Frederic Forrest, adapted from the Gores book.

I had to read PENTIMENTO for an English class in university; I think it was modern American writing. I can't remember it very well, but I don't remember liking it enough to want to read it again. All that territory must be covered accurately in HELLMAN AND HAMMETT, which I still haven't read.

Right now I'm reading the Dan Fortune book I picked up a few days ago. It's good.


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