RARA-AVIS: A tisket, a casket

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 06 Apr 2000

Kent wrote:

"What about extreme furniture racing? It's popular in that hard-boiled community of Whitefish, Montana. People race down a mountain on sofas, hot tubs, toilets, beds and even coffins. No report if the competitors in the coffins are dead or alive."

This reminds me of a book that blew me away many years ago, Black Gravity by Conall Ryan. I don't recall much about the plot, but I vaguely remember it having at least slight Red Harvest/Yojimbo overtones. I do remember the very dark mood -- the PI drove, and I think lived it while visiting this isolated town, an old Checker cab; and there was something about an underground stream that kept making long-buried coffins pop up all over town. It was the first hardboiled/PI book I read with serious surreal overtones to it. It was about 20 years ago; I ran across it recently, think I might read it again to see if it's as good as I remember. No one seems to know about this book, so it can be found pretty easily and cheaply in used book stores.


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