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From: Sharon Villines (
Date: 05 Apr 2000

>>> Hard-boiled sport #2: Horse-racing
>> How come? With all those teenie-weenie jockeys!?
> Ah, but historically, the hard-boiled wise guys are always betting on the
> horses, always at races, always ripping-off races. The jockeys? Nutthin to
> do with this. It's the fans making it hard-boiled.

Jockeys also get involved. It is very easy for them to throw a race and it is not unknown for them to have very active and profitable sex lives. Having once gotten (in my younger, thinner days) the inviting once over from a world class jockey in Saratoga who misunderstood why we were being introduced, I assure you they run in fast company--short or not. This is not the horse version of Lassie.

Jockeys also have the inside story on anything to do with trainers, owners, etc. The amount of money and the ease with which it can be lost makes this a very prized position.


Sharon Villines, Butler
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