Re: RARA-AVIS: Red Harvest- abandoned by Bertolucci

From: rikke & hanne kesten (
Date: 05 Apr 2000

Bill: In addition to the two written by Bertolucci with Marlyn Goldin, I know about the Jim Bridges version, a script by Neil Jordan, a Westlake version after he wrote The Grifters, one done by I don't know what screenwriter with Volker Schlondorff, and a couple of passes by writer/director Larry Bishop (who is, incidentally, Joey Bishop's son). But I'll bet there are at least another half dozen that Grimaldi paid for over the years.
   The first Bertolucci script was always my favorite. Perfect tone between the characters. GReat sense of the place and the importance of Poisonville in moving the story along. Perfect pitch in getting all the factions at war with each other. Extraordinary agility in moving through the film as the lines of power shifted. None of the others came close, not even his second screenplay -- more a rewrite than a new script. Neil Jordan's was excellent also, but not quite right in getting the tone of that era and that extraordinary place. Larry Bishop's were ... I don't know ... the best word to describe his take is "odd." Schlondorff, whose Tin Drum was utterly remarkable, had a great take on the picture also but he was un-financable in Hollywood.
--steve kesten

> Do we know whether a screenplay was written for this abandoned
> project? I'm interested in quality screenplays, even for films that
> never get made.

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