RARA-AVIS: TW3 site closing

From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 04 Apr 2000

A notice appeared at the page for the online magazine TW3
<http://www.pictograph.com/TW3.html> announcing that it is closing:

> TW3 will cease publication at the end of this month,
> April 2000. If there are any favorite pieces you'd
> like to download for your personal library, now's
> the time. The magazine will not be archived here,
> since its parent site, pictograph.com, is folding,
> too.

The relevance to rara-avians is that the site contains an archive you might want to check out before the site site disappears. Colette Bancroft, an editor at the St. Petersberg Times, wrote mystery reviews for the site which reside at <http://www.pictograph.com/CList.html> called Colette's List. She wrote articles on Ellroy, Hillerman, Crews, Mosely, Chandler and more in 23 archived articles.

You might want to take a look before they disappear.

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