From: Victoria Esposito-Shea ( vmes@northnet.org)
Date: 03 Apr 2000

Running, as usual, a day late and a dollar short, I finally got around to reading FREAKY DEAKY yesterday. It's actually only the second Leonard I've ever picked up (the other was THE BIG BOUNCE), and I'm still trying to see why the raving about Leonard. FD reminded me of nothing so much as a flat souffle; the characters and situations should have, or could have, made for a terrific caper novel, but it just didn't quite come off.

 I think part of it was that the voices didn't work very well. When he'd switch back and forth between dialogue and the various characters' thoughts, I had a sense that it was the same character talking every time, and I didn't really see the characters as much more than resumes to begin with anyway.

I may well be missing something here, but nonetheless I don't think I'll be trying Leonard again any time soon.


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