From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 02 Apr 2000

Well, I must thank the people who recommended INTERFACE as the Joe Gores book to read. It was great! I read it all in one go. I hope people were able to find copies of it, even though it's out of print. If not, keep an out for it.

This is the sort of book I like: fast, tight and tough; and the hero seems bad, then he seems good, then you just can't tell. He certainly didn't take any guff. I clued in about half or two-thirds of the way in that he was actually Docker, but it didn't detract at all, just made me wonder why he was doing it. It came to a nice end and all wrapped up before a complete day had passed. A very nice little package of a book. I think there are some people on the list from San Francisco. What did you make of it?

I've read HAMMETT, also by Gores, but I don't think anything else. I was in some second-hand bookstores yesterday and saw 32 CADILLACS, one of his DKA novels, but it had blurbs saying it was a wacky, crazy adventure, with laughs and thrills aplenty, which usually means I won't like it. Should I look for other DKA stuff, or what?

I took note of all the recent Dan Fortune/"Michael Collins" talk and picked up SHADOW OF A TIGER, along with MURDER IN THE RAW by Bruno Fischer (a beat-up Gold Medal). I'm looking forward to reading them both, especially the Dan Fortune.


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