Re: RARA-AVIS: K.C. Constantine

From: a.n.smith (
Date: 02 Apr 2000

> Do you remember who was profiled last? It was a new author who wrote
> hard-boiled mysteries in some big city ... I wanted to check out his
> but forgot to write his name down and CBS is a scrooge when it comes to
> bandwidth and they no longer have the info on the website ... they were
> maintaining a section on the mystery segments.

I miss the CBS Sunday Morning things now because our local affiliate shows some local sermonizing instead, so I only get to watch when out of town.

But when out of town, I last saw Robert Parker profiled, and before him, Michael Ledwidge who wrote The Narrowback (late 20s this guy), and he lives in New York. Was that the one? Working for the phone company now?

Too bad they took that web page down. I emailed them about it but had my letter returned with a "bad address" error. (??) Let's keep trying to get it back up.

Neil Smith

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