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Date: 02 Apr 2000

You know, I think Constantine put himself in the series with the character N.M. Myushkin, the "Mad Russian" novelist who'd published nine critically acclaimed novels, whom Constantine introduced in BOTTOM LINER BLUES. The novel is set at the time of the Gulf War and Myushkin is in his fifties at the time. So, if Constantine himself really is the basis of his creation Myushkin, that would put him in his sixties now. Constantine interviewed himself for the "Afterword" of the Godine Double Detective republication of THE MAN WHO LIKED TO LOOK AT HIMSELF and A FIX LIKE THIS. In it, he says his earliest memories are of "my mother, her father, my father, and the '36 flood." Based on that, I'd say he's around 68 or so. Constantine describes Myushkin as "short, thick, wide, with large, veiny hands, wrists, and forearms. He was wearing a white T-shirt and gray shorts and running shoes with no socks." That could have been the man I saw on TV this morning, I think -- except he had on more than a T-shirt and shorts to walk around in snowy Pennsylvania. He drank a glass of wine as Mason interviewed him, and his voice sounded as if he might have had two or three beforehand to loosen up a bit.

By the way, BOTTOM LINER BLUES is my favorite novel of Constantine's, largely because of the Myushkin character. It's an opinion no one else I know shares.


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: Anthony Mason's "Fine Print" series on CBS SUNDAY MORNING profiled the
: elusive K.C. Constantine this morning -- probably the finest
: installment in the series.

About how old was, he could you tell? Did he say anything about future books? Sounds like an interesting profile. I've never seen anything similar on Canadian TV.


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