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From: Roy Epstein (
Date: 01 Apr 2000

--- Anders Engwall <> wrote:

> ...the one Farris novel I have, THE CORPSE NEXT
> is actually "pure" HB with no horror in it at all.
> It's
> been a while since I read it, but I remember it as
> being
> pretty good. Did Farris write anything else like
> this
> one?
> --

Never read THE CORPSE NEXT DOOR but I believe that is one of the first novels he wrote. He wrote a handful of crime novels and mainstream stuff(some series about kids in the same high school....they all had HARRISON HIGH in the title)before he started on the horror path. I can't speak for the real early stuff because I've never read any of it. Although most of his stuff since the early 70's has been full-blown supernatural horror fiction, he has written the occasional non-supernatural dark suspense/crime novel. My favorites among these are SHARP PRACTICE and THE CAPTORS(a great kidnapping story which has the distinction of being one of only three books in which I can literally say 'I read it in one sitting'). If you wanted to try his supernatural stuff(most of which is excellent) I would recommend starting with SACRIFICE.


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