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From: Monte Morgan (
Date: 30 Mar 2000

Not familiar with Farris, but here is some horror with hardboiled attitude. Most of this stuff is from 80's and 90's. I'm not a fan of vintage horror. 1) Richard Laymon-writes a type of sadistic, voyeuristic crime horror hybrid. Any of his books are excellent. Best perhaps is The Cellar. One Rainy Night has been reissued in paperback by Leisure recently. It shouldn't be hard to find. 2)Joe Lansdale-has written the cool Hap and Leonard books of late, but early in his career came The Nightrunners. Bizarre, hard-edged horror. If you're not familiar with the guy you should also check out Cold In July. Cool and funny as hell. 3)Jack Ketchum-is as disturbing and bleak as anyone. Period. Stranglehold and The Girl Next Door are his best books. Read em if you can find em, but be forewarned -they are ROUGH. 4)Brian Hodge- has written a number of very dark horror novels. Nightlife is really the only one I might recommend. Although he did recently release an enjoyable thriller in the manner of Leonard or Hiaasen called Wild Horses. 5)Ed Lee-is a personal favorite, but the only thing really in the HB vein would be Creekers and that's a stretch. His good stuff tends to be very hardcore horror. Very. On a related note, the dark fantasy and horror dude, Tom Piccirilli, has written two very good mysteries. The Dead Past and its sequel, Sorrow's Crown. Check em out. Hope this helps. Monte
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>Although HB crime fiction will always be my favorite,
>I will occasionally surf into other genres and I
>always enjoy the HB Western and SCI-FI threads that
>pop up here every now and then. Can't recall any on
>horror. Been reading one of my favorite writers in
>this genre, John Farris. His stuff has always struck
>me as a touch on the HB side. Anybody else read Farris
>or know of any other horror writers who might fit the
>HB bill? Anybody familiar with Ed Gorman's horror
>novels under the name Daniel Ransom? Always wondered
>if those were worth reading.
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