Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Trouble receiving digests

From: William Denton (
Date: 30 Mar 2000

On 30 March 2000, wrote:

: For the last two weeks I've missed a handful of Rara-Avis digests,
: including messages responding to posts of mine.
: Is there a repository of archived messages/digests? If so, kindly
: email me, since I may not receive a digest with the correct answer.

You can see old messages in two ways. If you (as a digest subscriber) send mail to saying only

        index rara-avis-digest

then it'll send you back a list of digests. You can use "get" to get a particular one. Just say "help" by itself (with no quotes) to get the help file, which has all sorts of commands you can use.

The list is also archived at

and you can poke around there, by date, subject, thread or author.

I haven't had any unusual reports of bounces lately, so I can't think of why you've missed digests. Let me know if it happens again and I can have a look at things on my end.

Note to other readers: if you have some mail problems for a few days, like your mailbox fills up or your provider goes down, I may unsubscribe you because too many bounces have come in. Just resubscribe, or ask me to check if you're still on the list.


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