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From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 30 Mar 2000

> I got this through WesternPulps list. I hadn't known that Powell was dead. RIP.

Juri jurnum@utu.fi

> Forwarding a message from Dave Fox:
> >A few weeks ago, pulp writer Talmage Powell died in hospital in Asheville,
> >NC, an Appalachian town in NC where he had lived for some time and about
> >fifty miles from where I live. Though I'd heard of him, I had no idea he was
> >that nearby. Meaning, here was a missed opportunity for first-hand contact
> >with someone who had a direct hand in filling the pages of Western Pulps (and
> >other genres).
> > Now, though belatedly, I'd like to know more about him and to read more
> >of his work. The first thing I have found is "The Day the Earth Burned" in
> >THE CATTLEMEN, the 1986 anthology by Pronzini and Greenberg. (Originally in
> >Zane Grey Magazine.)
> > The headnote says of Powell: "A professional writer for more than forty
> >years, Talmage Powell has better than five hundred short stories, sixteen
> >novels, and several television scripts to his credit. In the forties and
> >fifties he was a frequent contributor to such top-of-the-line Western pulps
> >as Dime Western, 15 Western Tales, and Western Story. His only Western
> >novel, The Gage, the powerfully offbeat account of a manhunt across a
> >southwestern desert, was filmed in France."

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