From: Victoria Esposito-Shea ( vmes@northnet.org)
Date: 29 Mar 2000

> I enjoyed POODLE SPRINGS. I'm a notorious Parker fan, and enjoy Chandler
almost as much. As
>a rule I don't believe any writer can (or should) finish another's work,
but Parker's attempt wasn't bad.
>The Chandler estate asked him to continue from Chandler's four chapters of
>"The Poodle Springs Story."
> In the end Parker didn't enjoy the experience but--if you had to pick
someone in the late 80s to write
>a Marlowe book--who would you choose?

Oh, sure, Parker was the obvious choice. But the problem I had with POODLE SPRINGS was that it was too much Parker and not enough Chandler, and likewise that it was too contemporary. My recollection is that the main plot theme--accommodating Linda's and Marlowe's very different lives and expectations into a working long-term relationship--was virtually identical to what's been going on with Spenser and Susan since the second novel in that series. As such, the way they finally manage to accommodate one another struck me as totally unbelievable, particularly given Marlowe's stubborn traditionalism (remember, he wouldn't even let Linda pay for her own ticket back to the US in PLAYBACK?) and the time the book was supposed to be taking place.

Again, my thoughts, for what they're worth.


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