From: Bill Crider (
Date: 26 Mar 2000

Pat: If you live in College Station, you should come to the AggieCon. It's a regional SF convention that's been held every March for 31 years. It's held on the A&M campus, and it's hosted by a student club, Cepheid Variable. Guests usually include SF guys, but Lansdale and I get invited nearly every year anyway. If you hang around late at night and wind up in the right place, you can hear Joe tell hilarious tales of hunting for Bigfoot with his double first cousin. Not hardboiled stuff, maybe, but certain to wind up in a book one of these days. More in the noir/hardboiled vein (just to get this somewhat on topic) would be the limited edition of Joe's WALTZ OF SHADOWS that I picked up at the con.

Bill Crider

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