From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 25 Mar 2000

> Has anyone read Douglas Winter's debut novel, RUN, yet? Acclaimed by a few
> critics as the best hardboiled novel - stark, raw, fast - to come along in a
> while (one review I read compared it to a cross between Richard Stark and
> Quentin Tarantino), it sounds pretty good. Any comments?

I read about 30 pages of it, here and there, while sitting in one of B&N's plush armchairs -- then set it down. To me it was ... okay, nothing more.

It's about the protagonist accepting a putatively undramatic, illegal
'milk run' of guns to NYC that turns out to have been a set-up to place blame on him for a political hit, leaving our gun-running protagonist running from the cops while trying to get the guys who set him up.

The author is respected in horror circles as a critic who wrote a defitinitve critique of Stephen King. The beginning is tight and fast-paced but after skimming the middle I wasn't hooked to buy it, or care about the resolution. Your mileage may vary.

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