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Date: 23 Mar 2000

AN sed:

> I wondered about how the idea for using the Poor Cow clips came about. No
> one has said that The Limey is a sequel to that film, but the character
> names are the same, and they are both thieves. Did the
> screenwriter plan it
> this way, or was it coincidental and lucky, or did they just adjust the
> original screenplay to fit the idea?

The DVD liner notes say that Soderbergh purposely wanted to create something
"with a lot of 60s baggage." The notes aren't all that clear but it seems like Soderbergh purposely adjuested the story to account for the Poor Cow flashbacks.

Interestingly enough, the notes point to What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Two Weeks in Another Town and Sunset Boulevard where snips from earlier films are used to give a character in a present film some "history."

Apparently using Fonda was also something of a loose throwback to his Easy Rider days, especially with the scene using Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride instead of Born to be Wild.

Oh....I almost Joe Dallesandro in The Limey as the Assasin's sidekick.

The cool thing about DVDs is that this one has a running commentary throughout the film. I'll have to check that out.

My wife thinks I'm nuts for being interested in a director's commentary during a film....but hey, she knew what she was getting into!


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