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Date: 23 Mar 2000

I wondered about how the idea for using the Poor Cow clips came about. No one has said that The Limey is a sequel to that film, but the character names are the same, and they are both thieves. Did the screenwriter plan it this way, or was it coincidental and lucky, or did they just adjust the original screenplay to fit the idea?

It's a cool movie. Visually interesting. Makes Hollywood crap look like hack work. And what a great story, a great noir villain (Fonda plays the guy's fear excellently), and I like that it mixes memory, current time, and wishes without being so heavy handed. Steve S believes the audience is smart enough to figure it out. Good for him.

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> AN sed:
> > I thought the Limey was excellent, and the whole time I'm thinking ,ore
> > people should be writing stuff like this in the crime field. A
> > small story,
> > character driven, fractured-telling, quirky. Yep, I agree with
> > you. Great
> > film.
> One of the things that I found very cool in this movie was the use of
> footage from one of Terrence Stamp's early films for flashbacks about his
> earlier life. I'm sort of surprised that it isn't done more often, with
> many actors having a backlog of past films to draw upon.
> And this always raises interesting issues about filsm as texts and their
> permanence (or impermanence) and how a clever director like Soderburgh can
> do this photo-montage thing and change entirely their initial "meaning."
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