From: John & Carrie (
Date: 23 Mar 2000

Paul sed:

> Tribe: Never heard of Cons by Timothy Watts (not even sure it has made
> it to the UK). Can you tell me more, please? - paul

As far as I know, Watts has two books Cons and the Money Lovers, and I was absolutely blow away by each. Think of James M. Cain with James Ellroy's imagery (but without his sometimes plodding and convuluted plots). Evil woman, semi-tough guy saps, dumb scheming husbands...I'm really surprised that he hasn't done more and that he hasn't been recognized (at least, no where that I've found). His books are published by Soho (which by the way, has the nicest looking collection of crime books in the business, IMHO). I just can't rave enough about Watts.


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