RARA-AVIS: Comments, please

From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 22 Mar 2000

        I just picked up a boxload of books for $1 at a local thrift shop, and am trying to figure out which of the following I might want to add to -- or place atop -- my To Be Read pile.
        Please tell me which of these might be considered must-reads, or at least good reads:

John D. MacDonald
        A Bullet For Cinderella
        A Deadly Shade of Gold
        Cry Hard, Cry Fast
        Pale Gray For Guilt

Ross MacDonald
        The Galton Case
        The Underground Man

Adam Hall
        The Striker Portfolio

Brett Halliday
        So Lush, So Deadly

Janwillem Van De Wetering
        The Mind-Murders

Elmore Leonard

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