RARA-AVIS: Thomas B. Dewey

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 21 Mar 2000

Mark Sullivan mentioned THE MEAN STREETS a little while ago because it had a character named Bill Denton in it. I got a copy and I'm reading it now. I'm a nice upstanding baseball player, but I die a cruel death before chapter five is over; Mac, the Marlowe-ish PI undercover as a high school coach, is trying to find out who killed me and who's behind a ring of juvenile delinquents. The book sometimes comes close to a '50s B teen gang movie.

I searched Google to see what was available on the web about Dewey, and the most relevant seemed to be some stuff in the archives here and a page about Mac at Kevin Smith's Thrilling Detective site. Mario Taboada recommended EVERY BET'S A SURE THING. Anything else I should look for? I like the one I'm reading and will keep an eye peeled for more. Mac seems like a good character.

The cover of the edition I've got is all wrong, but there's a good one at



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