RARA-AVIS: Fight scenes

From: Brian Lawrence ( bdlawrence@netscape.net)
Date: 21 Mar 2000

<<At one point, Shane knocks Calloway to the floor; when Calloway rises to his feet, we see a close-up of Johnson's face and see blood pouring from his nose in living color. Before in Westerns (and, I guess, basically all American movies) guys could slug it out for several minutes and never get hurt.>>

I've often heard this complaint of many detective novels and, of course, current Hollywood movies. The detective gets the snot beat out of him, and instead of a couple day hospital stay and tremendous aches and pains, he's out again the next day chasing down the bad guys.

Hollywood still has the knock down, drag out fights where the good guy gets pummeled, prevails, of course, but then is fine an hour later.

Is this something that is changing in modern detective fiction or does it still exist? Would our detective not be as macho if he had to recuperate or is it more to keep the story moving instead of grinding the case to a halt?

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