RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled violence/writing

From: Victoria Esposito-Shea ( vmes@northnet.org)
Date: 21 Mar 2000

>> I'm wondering if it [Shane] might have been a turning point in the
>> depiction of violence in cinema in general and in crime writing in
>> The only pre-1953 hardboiled writing I've read has been Edward Anderson,
>> McCoy, Hammet, and Chandler (sheesh, there must more...some of the
really early
>> John D. Macdonald?). Anyway, I can't remember just how realistic the
>> was. It's been a few years.

Bob mentioned some gaslight-era graphic violence in response to this; I'd just like to add the classic pre '50s example, the beating scene in Hammett's THE GLASS KEY. If I recall correctly, this broke new ground in written violence, and was far more violent than anything shown on the screen for, well, quite a while afterwards.

Best, Vicky Esposito-Shea

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