RARA-AVIS: Boiled cat

From: MatCoward@aol.com
Date: 20 Mar 2000

I've written a lot of cat stories for anthologies and magazines over the last few years, many of which I would classify as hardboiled (never "noir" - they're too well-written for that!); and several more that i would say belonged to the sub-genre "cosy hardboiled". Seems to me that cats go very well with loner tecs, disappointed women, lives of quiet desperation, bent cops and scratchy old blues LPs. Though I suspect some of the hardcore cat-haters would declare that a story with a cat in it is by definition cosy. One word of warnig to them - membership of The Secret Inner Circle of Crime Writing Insiders Who Give Each Other All the Best Jobs is restricted, by charter, to proven cat-owners.

- Mat "Two Cats" Coward

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