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From: Bill Crider (
Date: 19 Mar 2000

Richard Prather was interviewed at a Bouchercon some years ago and told a long, complex story about what happened to his career. He did very well at Gold Medal, then signed with Pocket Books. He believed he was being cheated on his royalties, he took it to court. Here my memory gets hazy, as it so often does these days, but I believe he eventually won the suit and collected. But after that he was more or less blacklisted. Michael Seidman tried to revive his career when Seidman was at Tor, but what worked in the 1950s didn't work quite so well in the 1980s. I wish I could remember the title of the Prather book that finds Shell Scott in the nudist colony. A classic. As is DOUBLE IN TROUBLE, the one by both Prather and Stephen Marlowe, in which Shell Scott and Chester Drum work on the same case. It's told in alternating chapters by Drum and Scott. Buy it if you find it.

Bill Crider

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