RARA-AVIS: Left Coast Crime

From: Bill Crider ( abc@wt.net)
Date: 19 Mar 2000

I just got in from the Left Coast Crime convention in Tucson, where I had a great time, due in part to seeing a few Rara-avians, including Maura and Dennis MacMillan, Reed Andrus, and the usually lurking Patrick Milliken. It was thanks to a recommendation by Partick and Jim Sallis that a large group of us wound up at Nonie, a New Orleans-style bistro run by Elmore Leonard's son Christopher. Just how Elmore Leonard's son happens to be operating a New Orleans-style bistro in the middle of the desert is probably quite a story, but we didn't find out. He was quite a gracious host, and he even took notes when some of the more enthusiastic members of the group started recommending books for him to read. He also looks, as Patrick and Jim had promised, exactly like his father.

Bill Crider

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