RARA-AVIS: Haut's 'Pulp Culture' and Bunker books

From: broye@us.ibm.com
Date: 18 Mar 2000

Bunker's best book by far is 'Little Boy Blue' . I urge you to grab a copy. Bunker does something very unusual in that novel. The main character is violent boy who does some horrible things but he stills comes off as sympathetic. Bunker is the only the ex-con I have come across ( I have not meet him personally ) who doesn't make excuses for what he was. That alone may him very refreshing. Finally Haut books 'Pulp Culture' identifies Senator McCarthy as 'the senator from Minnesota' on the first page no less. I had no faith in the points that his various essays may have contained given he didn't know the state Tail Gunner Joe represented. I put the book down, and waiting for real lull in my life before I pick it up again.

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