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From: DLM183@aol.com
Date: 17 Mar 2000

Since I'm fairly new to the rara-avis, I don't know if Edward Bunker's NO BEAST SO FIERCE has ever been mentioned in any of the postings. I think it's a fine crime novel and as hard-boiled as they come. When he writes about a heist going down you are there sweating bullets along side of him. Bunker is also a screenwriter (RUNAWAY TRAIN and STRAIGHT TIME which was based on NO BEAST SO FIERCE), sometime actor (Mr. Blue in RESERVOIR DOGS) and San Quentin alumnus. He's written a couple of other novels but I haven't read them yet because I can't imagine them coming close to NBSF. Has anyone read DOG EAT DOG or LITTLE BOY BLUE? If so, what did you think? One last thing, I'm currently reading NEON NOIR by Woody Haut and it's definitely an interesting reference on contemporary crime novels and, to some extent, film. I'll have to check out his other book PULP CULTURE, if it's still available.

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