RARA-AVIS: Ian Fleming interviewing Raymond Chandler

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 15 Mar 2000

Someone was kind enough to send me a tape of something they grabbed off the BBC: a rebroadcast of a 1958 interview of Chandler by Fleming. It's more of a discussion between the two, and in the first few minutes I listened to last night Fleming said some very amusing things about his Bond books.

This is apparently the only known recording of Chandler's voice. I thought he'd had a mid-Atlantic accent, perhaps a little affected and pretentious, but it sounds pretty flat and mid-Western to me. Fleming sounds a bit like Peter O'Toole. There are some weird sounds that must be Chandler sucking on his pipe, or else someone has a bad case of the wheezes.

The interview was done in England when Chandler was over there promoting PLAYBACK. This is a rare little gem, and I'll try to get it digitized and up somewhere in MP3 format so that everyone can hear it.


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