RARA-AVIS: Westerns

From: msmartha@earthlink.net
Date: 12 Mar 2000

Some other Westerns I would submit to the ones already mentioned here are Ulzana's Raid, a very tough Burt Lancaster movie about the Army tracking a renegade Apache, and a quirky 70s revisionist Western called The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (same robbery that climaxed The Long Riders), which starred Robert Duvall as Jesse James. I thought Kevin Costner and company made a complex and intelligent hard-boiled Western in Wyatt Earp. Coogan's Bluff is a great modern hb Western directed by Don Siegel. Lastly, attempting to link two threads on the list this week, I first saw Maury Chaykin in a short but unforgettable role as the insane fort commander in Dances with Wolves, as the man who signs Costner's pass to the remote outpost and then shoots himself.

I just bought a book called Swamp Sister by Robert Edmond Alter. It lists him as also having written Carny Kill. I can't remember if he was discussed in a recent thread on hb mysteries with carnival settings. Anyone have any comments about this book or author?

I am reading an ARC of Burke's Purple Cane Road, the plot of which is Dave's investigation of his prostitute mother's murder. Hmm. So far it's typical Burke, and all that that entails. This plot line is apparently now an established sub-genre of hb.


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