From: kip.stratton@ni.com
Date: 08 Mar 2000

While browsing through amazon.com's Elmore Leonard listings, I found a $50 special order title called NOTEBOOKS. Does anyone know anything about this book? Is it worth $50?

By the way, regarding the discussion about where to start with Leonard: CITY PRIMEVAL, it seems to me, is the first one to read, the most compelling one to read (a real classic, if for no other reason than the skilful blending of the two genres, hard-boiled and Western). Then add STICK, SPLIT IMAGES, LABRAVA, CAT CHASER, and GLITZ. That probably is the "essential" list, although you're missing something by not going back to pick up SWAG, THE GOLD COAST, THE BIG BOUNCE, and THE MOONSHINE WAR. And you're also missing a lot of fun by not picking up some of the later books, GET SHORTY probably chief among them.


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