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From: William Denton (
Date: 08 Mar 2000

On 6 March 2000, Mark Blumenthal wrote:

: I guess that leads me to ask Bill, once you have determined to read a
: certain author how do you choose which book to read?

I have a list of suggestions that have been made, and pull authors and titles off. They've all been suggested by list members, I think, except for maybe the first few. I don't know who suggested this Elmore Leonard, but he was a writer who had to show up on the list somewhere and FREAKY DEAKY sounded reasonable. (About half the ones we've read are new to me, and I still haven't read this one.)

If we end up not reading the best/latest stuff, that should be fixed. If anyone has suggestions for books, let me know (send them right to me, not to the list, so I don't miss them) and I will push them onto the top of the stack. Having covered all the basics, we can branch out now into more obscure old stuff, other works by writers we've done, or new stuff by promising authors.

: I had an idea that when we are to read a book by a current author
: maybe one of our list members could arrange for the author to be on
: the list for the month. Thinking it over that might inhibit our
: comments, so instead maybe the author would answer a certain limited
: number of our questions.

Having an author around would be great. If anyone knows a suitably hardboiled writer who might be willing, speak up.


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