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From: pabergin (
Date: 07 Mar 2000

Jim Beaver writes:
>BTW, according to Baring-Gould, I think, Wolfe was Holmes's illegitimate
>son, or some such. At least he provided some amusing interconnections in
>his book on Wolfe.

Correct. B-G's view was that Wolfe and Marko Vucic (proprietor of Rusterman's) were in fact twins (presumably fraternal) born to Irene Adler as the result of an affair with The Great Detective. He gives their birthplace as Trenton, NJ, which offers one possibility as to the mystery of whether Wolfe is a native of America (he states unequivocally in one book whose title escapes me at the moment that he was "born here," but Wolfe lies a lot) or of Serbo-Croatia. There used to be a group called The Wolfe Pack which was similar in purpose to the Baker Street Irregulars, and some of the ideas expressed in Baring-Gould's NERO WOLFE OF WEST 35TH STREET is drawn from papers delivered at Wolfe Pack gatherings. I've no idea if the group is still active. PB

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