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From: a.n.smith (
Date: 07 Mar 2000

> Hutton made a passable Archie -- if you've never read any of the
> books. He had the patter down, but I think they could've done more
> with voice-overs . . . and if they'd only filmed the effete,
> sunken-chested Hutton from the neck up. They can put a Tyrannosaurus
> Rex in a Spielberg movie and they can't put a boxer's body on
> Hutton?

Well, I have read many of the books, and think that Hutton was fine (maybe a lightweight. i'll give them creative license) mainly because, other than the patter, the intense scene between him and Wolfe, a loud argument that shows the only one who can talk any sense to Wolfe is Archie. The big man demands control, but life sometimes throws curveballs he can't deal with very easily. I needed an Archie with that ability, and Hutton has it. Now, if they'll do more movies with these two maybe we'll see growth in the way the chracters are portrayed.

I will straddle the hard-boiled/not hard-boiled fence with this one simply because I like these books so much, but usually can't stand cozies. So for me, it's all in the characters. At least the setting is in New York as opposed to some isolated country home. The wise-cracking detective, the antagonistic police figure, street hoods and undercover ops. All from the HB trunk, eh? Granted, also from Holmes and even Poe's Maupin, but...

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