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From: Wayne Daniels (
Date: 07 Mar 2000

>And I'm not sure, but I think Maury Chaykin might be Canadian--he's
certainly done a lot of Canadian television and film work. Might be why some of you are unfamiliar with his work. But the guy's always been a great character actor, wherever he's from. One of those guys who goes in, does a character and gets out, but you spend the rest of the film wondering where you've seen "that guy" before. Nice to hear he did a good job on Wolfe.

Actually, he *is* American, though he does live up here (Toronto). He gave a remarkable performance as Hal Banks, a thuggish figure in the history of Canadian trade unions, in something called "Canada's Sweetheart". And if you ever come across a very odd film by Atom Egoyan called "The Adjuster", Chaykin has an unforgettable part in it as well. Also, and more on topic, he starred, along with W.H. Macy, Charles Durning, Joe Mantegna and Sam Rockwell in a film called "Jerry and Tom", about a couple of hit men who also work as used car salesmen, by way of a front.

Cheers, Wayne Daniels

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