RARA-AVIS: Doctorate on serial killer books

From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 07 Mar 2000

This came to me through another list. It's in Finnish, but I'll translate some of it.

This Maarit Piipponen, of Tampere University, is going to be a Ph.D. and her dissertation (is this the right word?) is about the serial killers in Patricia Conrwell's works. The dissertation is called "(No) More Family: Reading Family and Serial Murder in Cornwell's Gault Trilogy". The other one, who debates (I don't know the word in English for this), is Judith Halberstaum of University of California, San Diego. She has written books "Skin Show: Gothic Horror and the Technology of Monsters" and "Female Masculinity". There's no information about the nature of these works, but they sure seem to have something to do with things we've been discussing in Rara-avis. (Well, I haven't, but someone else has.)

Sorry about the 䭠and tters, if they don't show properly.

Juri jurnum@utu.fi

Joku haikaili v䨤n aikaa sitten listalla tietoa
kirjallisuuden alan v䩴rjoista. T䳳䠶䨤n
omasta v䩴st䮩 tietoa. V䩫k䲩ni kuuluu tosin
englantilaisen filologian alaan, mutta k䳩ttelee
dekkarikirjallisuutta. V䩴telen Tampereen
yliopistossa perjantaina 24.3. aiheella '(No)
More Family: Reading Family and Serial Murder
in Patricia Cornwell's Gault-Trilogy'.
Paikka on Filologia I, Pyynikintie 2, aika
klo 13, luentosali B 332. Vastav䩴t䪤n䠯n
Associate Professor Judith Halberstam 
(Department of Literature, University of 
California, San Diego).

Judith Halberstam pit䤠saman p䩶䮠aamuna klo 10 (luentosali A 402) luennon aiheesta 'Millennial Masculinities'. H䮥lt䠯vat ilmestyneet teokset Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and the Technology of Monsters (Duke University Press, 1995) sek䠆emale Masculinity (Duke University Press, 1998). Lis䫳i h䮠on toimitta- nut Ira Livingstonen kanssa teoksen Posthuman Bodies (Indiana University Press, 1995) ja kirjoittanut tekstin valokuvakirjaan Drag King Book (1999).
Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan sek䠬uentoa ett䊶䩴!
Maarit Piipponen mp35323@uta.fi
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