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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 06 Mar 2000

The Wolfe books are really a blend of the "classic" detective and the PI, with Goodwin doing the legwork and Wolfe sitting around, thinking. Not really hardboiled, sure, but maybe "semi-boiled"? Certainly they tend to appeal to fans of both sub-genres. I never read Stout for the plots, most of which aren't very memorable, but rather for the wisecracking patter and for Wolfe himself, one of the odder figures in popular fiction.


--- James Rogers <> wrote:
> I like Nero Wolfe stories pretty well, but if
> we are going to
> consider him hardboiled, then we owe big apologies
> to Sue Grafton. We also
> need to schedule some nice, tough Margery Allingham
> on the reading list. I
> mean, this stuff is as cozy as they come, right down
> to the eccentric
> detective, the preposterous clues, and the obsession
> for food/flowers. I
> actually thought that Philo Vance, Miss Marple, and
> Wolfe kind of defined
> the genre.

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