RARA-AVIS: Seventies Crime Movies (was Night Moves)

From: Doug Bassett ( dj_bassett@yahoo.com)
Date: 06 Mar 2000

I like a lot of the unpretentious crime/noir movies from the Seventies: Bronson in MR MAJESTYK, HARD TIMES, and even DEATH WISH; ACROSS 110th STREET, my favorite "blaxploitation" movie; WALKING TALL (don't knock it if you haven't seen it); DIRTY HARRY and MAGNUM FORCE. Agree strongly with TAKING OF PELHAM, a favorite genre flick of mine. They really knew how to put together a lean, mean film in those days -- even a piece of junk like WHITE LIGHTNING looks good today.


--- Pieter Johan Pijpers < pjp@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> The seventies: also 'Hickey and Boggs' with Robert
> Culp and Bill Cosby comes
> to mind (the ending like Night Moves includes an
> aeroplane), Charley Varrick
> (recently shown again on the BBC, but I managed to
> *delete* that movie
> without wanting it and for the second time in 10
> years), Walter M. again in
> 'The taking of Pelham One Two Three' and Gene
> Hackman was also in 'Prime
> Cut' with Lee Marvin. This one would be a great
> double bill with Marvin in
> 'Dog Day' by Yves Boisset, an over-the-top sleazy
> affair, tongue in cheek
> though and absolutely entertaining.
> I think of course of 'The friends of Eddy Coyle'
> with an unglamorous Mitchum
> in the kitchen with his mousy wife like in a British
> movie. Robert Duvall,
> of course, in 'The Outfit' and 'The Conversation'.


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